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Cost to You
Nothing! Any compensation given to your REALTOR is recognized by the builder as a marketing fee and has no impact on the final cost of the home. Builders desire, expect and encourage REALTOR participation.

If you have no REALTOR, the commission built into the price gets distributed into the builder organization, not your pocket!

Builder Prices Are Not Discounted If You Have No REALTOR
Builders frown on discounting. They want to drive prices up, not down. Driving prices down jeopardizes the appraisals they depend on to close their inventory.

Discounting also becomes a public relations problem for a builder. Builders depend on satisfied homeowners for positive feedback to prospective buyers. Discounted prices is a sure way to upset that apple cart.

Savings to You
Are you getting what you're entitled to have ... both in quality and value? I know what you should receive and what "extras" might be available.

Resale...Appreciation & Profit
Give your investment the best opportunity for appreciation at resale. Questions concerning site location, builder, design and decor are important. I understand that you are building not only for today ... but for tomorrow.

The Builder's Salesperson Represents The Builder, Not You.
No matter how nice the new home salesperson is, that person represents the builder. He or she answers only to the builder. If you have no representation, you are at a big disadvantage.

The sales contract is designed to protect the builder. The clauses that leave you vulnerable may not be pointed out to you. You are not on an even playing field. You have everything to gain from representation, and it costs you nothing.

You Are Represented
With ME as your REALTOR, YOU are represented! My experience, knowledge, and reputation represent strength and leverage on your behalf. I will help you understand the contract, financing options, the various timelines, your contractural responsibilities, and your rights.

Here's How To Protect Yourself

  • Call me, Doug Corbin, before you visit any builder. I will arrange the appointment for you and coordinate all activities.
  • If you "stumble" into new construction without me, tell the builder's representative immediately that you are working with Doug Corbin. Then you can relax, because you will have experienced representation.
  • If you have my business card with you, give it to the builder's representative upon first contact.
  • Do not sign any customer registration book, customer survey, or any other document, no matter how innocent it may appear. Don't sign anything before I look it over.

    Signing any builder form or "visitor" sheet without Doug Corbin could deny you representation with that builder.